is your API key. Generate a key from API page. If you are already logged in AirVPN website, this is optional. Use the key param if you plan to use our API in scripts. is the service name, look below for additional reference. Any service returns a 'result' field with 'ok' if successful or an 'error' message. Dates are always in UTC.

VyprVPN SDK includes all the components your team needs to quickly and easily incorporate the very latest in privacy and security tools. VyprVPN SDK can be added to Linux-based devices to enable a private, dedicated VPN service, which allows users to access … VPN appplication | Tizen Developers Apr 14, 2020 Setting up private access to Cloud APIs through VPN tunnels In this section, you see how the routing for Cloud APIs other than those which support VPC Service Control API through the VPN gateway. For illustrative purposes, you use the Geocoding API. Enable the API and obtain a key. Enable the Geocoding API: Navigate to the Geocoding API in the API Library: OPEN THE GEOCODING API

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VPN details using API Hi! I'm trying to export as much info as possible about the VPNs configured in our Check Point environment. Using the command show-vpn-communities-meshed I get most of the info needed but I'm missing the following attributes. Phase 1 Lifetime; Phase 2 Lifetime; Android: Sample Code to connect to VPN in Android 4.0 I am new to android and I am trying to establish and connect to our own vpn (Not the default vpn providers i.e, PPTP, L2TP etc which is present in the Android Setting -> Wireless and Networks) programatically.. My scenario is, I have button and when I click the button I need to configure my own vpn and a link (say should go through that VPN which I had configured.