Windows Server 2016: Create CSR & Install SSL Certificate

Generate a CSR from Windows Server using the certificate MMC Generate a CSR from Windows Server using the certificate MMC Certificate MMC access. Run the MMC either from the start menu or via the run tool accessible fom the WIN+R shortcut. Click on File - Add/Remove Snap-in. Select Certificats in the left panel and click on Add. Creating an Offline Certificate Request in Windows Server From the Certificate manager console, navigate to Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > …

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In Select Server Roles, in Roles, select Active Directory Certificate Services. When you are prompted to add required features, click Add Features, and then click Next. In Select features, click Next. In Active Directory Certificate Services, read the provided information, and then click Next. How to View Installed Certificates in Windows 10 / 8 / 7

In the left Connections menu, select the server name (host) where you want to generate the request. 3. Navigate to Server Certificates. In the center menu, click the Server Certificates icon under the Security section near the bottom. 4. Select Create a New Certificate. In the right Actions menu, click Create Certificate Request. 5. Enter your

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