Virtually definition, for the most part; almost wholly; just about: He is virtually unknown. See more.

Definition of virtual in the dictionary. Meaning of virtual. What does virtual mean? Information and translations of virtual in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Virtual definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary Jul 24, 2020 What is Virtual? Webopedia Definition Not real. The term virtual is popular among computer scientists and is used in a wide variety of situations. In general, it distinguishes something that is merely conceptual from something that has physical reality. For example, virtual memory refers to an imaginary set of locations, or addresses, where you can store data.It is imaginary in the sense that the memory area is not the same as the Virtual Office: Definition and Overview

Virtual definition is - being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted. How to use virtual in a sentence.

Jun 17, 2020 How to Host a Successful Virtual Event: Tips and Best

Dictionary entry overview: What does virtual mean? • VIRTUAL (adjective) The adjective VIRTUAL has 2 senses: 1. being actually such in almost every respect. 2. existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact Familiarity information: VIRTUAL used as an adjective is rare.

Instead of travelling to their appointment, patients or service users enter an online waiting area from their computer, smartphone or tablet; the service is notified when they arrive, and a health or care provider joins the virtual consultation. virtual definition: The definition of virtual is something that exists in the mind, exists in essence but not in fact or created by a computer. (adjective) An example of virtual is an imaginary friend. Just because you're hosting a virtual event doesn't mean you can't get sponsors. Not only will sponsorship help financially, but it will also lend your gathering more credibility. 16. Global Growth Marketing. Source: MobileMonkey. This virtual event put on by MobileMonkey taught attendees how to better market their companies and close more deals.