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The user of that phone, San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook, used a PIN code to secure his device, and without bypassing that code, the data stored on it is unreadable, thanks to encryption. Secure VoIP | Phone.com No, Secure VoIP is enabled by default, but under call options you can disable SRTP and TLS. Normally you should keep those options on. I forward calls to my cell phone. Can I take advantage of Secure VoIP? When you forward calls to your cell phone as a cellular call (not using the App) the cellular network takes care of encryption. Are Secure Uncompromised Security - Secure Mobile : Secure Mobile Protect all your calls, texts, video, and data transfer with the Secure Mobile app. End-to-end private encryption ensures secure global communication between your teams and your clients. Discover More. The Secure Mobile Solution. An easy-to-use, downloadable software application which ensures military-grade data security across voice, data How to Encrypt Your Calls & Texts on Android « Android

Jul 12, 2016 · Calls from Silent Circle's Blackphone are encrypted, as is all the data on the device: "If you power that phone down and have a reasonable passphrase on it, it's just a brick of glass.

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