Spectrum outage or service down? Current problems and

Run the Internet Connection Troubleshooter by following this step: 1. Open the Internet Connections troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. 2. In the search box, type troubleshooter, and then click Troubleshooting. Under Network and Internet, click Connect to the Internet. Check out this link for more If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, use the following information to resolve common issues. If your services aren't working, then check for a network outage. If there is no outage in your area, then reset your modem. Nov 15, 2009 · Spectrum internet going in and out This problem has been going on for a while but the past 2 days have been way worse with the net being out for a while and dropping every 5-15 minutes. But it's still completely random and may do fine with no problems and suddenly go to shit. Re: Internet going in and out same. started ~2 weeks back. happens throughout most weekdays during the day mostly. it was pretty much stable this weekend. today, it's dropped at least 10 times. luckily i have att cell to fail to, but it's still super disprutive especially working purely from home and trying to do webex calls with my customers

Go to the “Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Network”. In the left-hand pane, click Wi-Fi, then “Advanced” in the bottom right corner. On the next screen, select every network in the list using Command + A , and use the “-” icon to remove them all.

I have a Netgear router that was provided by my isp (TIME WARNER). The "Up Stream" light blinks and goes out at times and then, the "cable" light on the router goes out at well for a few minutes and then, I lose connectivity. This happens very often sometimes (maybe every 15 … Router stays connected, but internet cuts out periodically

I've had Cox Internet for a couple of weeks. The speed is fine when I am connected. However, the connection comes and goes all day, every day. I mean the wifi. I have dual band, and this happens with both 2.4 and 5 GHz. I have a brand-new NETGEAR AC1600 (16x4) WiFi Cable Modem Router (C6250).

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