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vpn Install and Connect to Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client or sometimes called VPN, will direct all traffic from your computer while connected through a secure connection back to Penn State. Knowledge Base - Penn State's IT Help Portal Penn State faculty, staff, students, and affiliates connecting to PSU Virtual Private Network (VPN) from an Android device. Introduction The purpose for VPN is to establish a secure connection with a Penn State resource or service from off campus using the "ISPtoPSU" connection. Using VPN Services in MCECS – Computer Action Team The use of the VPN also provides the added benefit of an encrypted connection so that your data from your computer to MCECS systems is more secure. VPNs are necessary if you are connecting to many MCECS resources from off-site. You will need to use the VPN even if you are connecting from PSU Wi-Fi (as that network is still considered Telephony Service - Pennsylvania State University If working remotely, you will need to connect through the Penn State VPN to access some of the links on the Request page. For information: Penn State VPN; Read More About the Service; Service Policies and Information. To order equipment or accessories, please use this Request the Service form. Pricing and Fees (equipment and services) Online

The College of Engineering currently offers VPN access through an application called Global Protect. Installation and operation of a COE-VPN client requires users to use Two Factor Authentication (2FA). If you have not yet signed up for 2FA, visit to enroll.

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